Which social media platforms are best for your business?


Social Media for Business

Well, firstly, thank you for asking! Secondly, it’s a question that can be answered only once you think about what your business is about. Once that’s clear, it’s then about finding out what platforms compliment not only your business, but each other. Below we’ll be discussing the different social media platforms and what sort of businesses they work with.


Facebook works with all businesses. This is because it allows for the main strengths of any business brand to shine. If you’re a more visual business, it allows for you to share and ‘highlight’ key posts with images. If your business is more about sharing informative articles, then Facebook is perfect once again. Simply attach the article URL to a post and you’re away!


Twitter is different in that it has a set amount of characters you can use for each Tweet. What this does is keep things short and sharp. On that basis, a more visual business wouldn’t focus on Twitter as much – what you would do is link users back to your business website or blog.


YouTube is easier to decide on, as it’s one and only purpose is sharing videos. If your business’ focus is on manufacturing or creating, videos are perfect. If a lot of your business’ daily activities happen in word documents, YouTube probably isn’t the platform for you.


LinkedIn is perfect for a business that aims to spread its brand through the use of informative articles, website links and the general sharing of comments. As it’s main user base is made up of business people, maintaining a professional image is important.

Google +

Google + is an interesting one. As it’s still new, businesses don’t tend to stick to Google + on its own. It’s more of another outlet to share posts from the main platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


If your business loves showing off amazing photography, get on Instagram. With the wide range of different filters and effects, there’s really no better way to get your work out there and grow a solid viewership of your business’ work. It also links well with Facebook, so when you do post on Instagram, it can post instantly to your Facebook wall, sharing your content not only with your Instagram fans, but also your Facebook community.

Above are the main Social Media platforms, so if you’d like to hear about others, please comment and we’ll write another article!

If your business is ready to tackle the online world and build a social media presence, give My Social Solutions a call on 0433308485 or email us at info@mysocialsolutions.com.au.

Thanks for reading this article 🙂


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